Nothing Further Beyond…Non Plus Ultra Biscuits

“And said, ‘Thus far shall you come, and no farther, and here shall your proud waves be stayed.’…” Bible, Job 38:11 “Ne plus ultra” or “non plus ultra”, is a descriptive phrase meaning the best or most extreme example of something, the ultimate. The biscuit named with this expression is a little labor intensive in its […]

Chicken Stock Bread

“And believe me, a good piece of chicken can make anybody believe in the existence of God.” Sherman Alexie Stock is usually one of those things that busy housewives don’t have time for at home, however, there are really easy methods for making a great one. Being the basis of many sauces or other dishes, chicken […]

Eating my Grandmother’s old Negligee and Jewelry? Vintage Inspired Lace and Pearl Cupcakes

“It is difficult to see why lace should be so expensive; it is mostly holes.” Mary Wilson Little    By all means, that would not be a good idea…however…sugar lace is a fully edible, flexible, multi-purpose icing with a delicate flavour that has a structure strong enough for creating the most delicate, fine, completely lace-like […]