The Three Musketeers: The Dark, The Milk and The White…Chocolate Brownies

“All for one and one for all, united we stand divided we fall.” Alexandre Dumas    A musketeer is a serious soldier, equipped with a weapon. Musketeers are important parts of armies…fighting against all bad matters in life. The milk ones, like Aramis are forever fighters, simply serving in no-fuss ways, helping all, whilst still […]

The Naked Truth: Mum’s Poppy Seed Mug-measurement Cake in Elegant Cherry

“Your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul.” Charles Chaplin   A good cake should really be about the flavour, as the inside is the cake’s true soul. Traditional cakes typically have some kind of icing, however, due to fashion trends, usual customs often undergo fancy makeovers […]

Turning Wounds into Cakes…A Square Sweet Cottage Cheese Bundt

“Turn your wounds into wisdom.” Oprah Winfrey    Why does one really bake? To feed? To please? To heal? To create? For a smile?….Probably for all – and many more – of these reasons…Most likely, the power behind the action or process of bringing something to existence is what lies beneath every human soul’s need for […]

Timeless and Traditional Angels’ Food: Kürtőskalács

“When one has tasted it he knows what the angels eat.” Mark Twain When one fancies a little warm, family love, this cake offers a filled with flavour of tradition, history and appreciation of roots. Its making-baking process has not changed over centuries, and once tasted, people will definitely know why.   The famous Hungarian Kürtőskalács […]