Turning Wounds into Cakes…A Square Sweet Cottage Cheese Bundt

“Turn your wounds into wisdom.” Oprah Winfrey


Why does one really bake? To feed? To please? To heal? To create? For a smile?….Probably for all – and many more – of these reasons…Most likely, the power behind the action or process of bringing something to existence is what lies beneath every human soul’s need for creation. For the soul that is not restrained within a body, creation is what link us to our very own physical being, and what makes us truly understand the mortal nature of all physical things. . . Unless one values the own self truly and loves, respects the self deeply, there will always be pain and suffering in life from our false beliefs about who we are. Creation is a regular activity for people who really desire to live their lives to their true capacity, beyond the life what the majority lives, the life of people who are desperate to feel things based on others (love, romance etc.), to keep things based on other people (being exclusively loved by others, being the “only one” for someone). Creation helps people to utilize their mind to get out of the prison that their mind has built for them. One can free the soul, by forming a relationship with it via using its methods, meaning vibrant, gutsy ways of emotionally charged actions, soulful processes that invite us to become them for a while. And in becoming them (being deeply the baker of a bake), we open the door into our very personal mystic landscape. Many of us get stuck in a false ground of suffering, thinking too often …I am not good enough… this is my only chance….I have to be good...

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.” Mahatma Gandhi


Out of pain the mind creates this suffering that actually blocks the experience of our true life, being caught up in inauthentic pain of the mind created by the mind itself: a living self-murder. Life is not at all about feeling good all the time. It’s about being fully present and letting everything in so that it can move through us. The nature of life is change and fluidity. And the extent to which one clings to permanence, security, stability is the extent to which one is a committing a self-murder, so one cannot be truly present. Life is up and down, it is back and forth between pain and pleasure, order and chaos. So being free, moving freely in both directions means having joy in both pain and pleasure. One is free, when one is free of self-hate built from the view of others. Creation, even when born out of pain, is very unique to the self, therefore is the true source of one’s power, fire and radiance…

“The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too.” Ernest Hemingway

Creation, being able to create is the separation from our simple dependent self, the painful self-suppression. When being able to create, the soul frees and reconnects to the core …once a beautiful, unique thing is brought to existence,on the way no other could do it, one becomes the true self: worthy, unique and powerful! Creation creates all good things for one’s soul. Honestly, nothing is as important as doing what is right for one’s own soul…So, create! Bake!

225 g butter, melted and cooled
220 g cottage cheese
400 g sugar
Zest of 3 lemons
1 tablespoon vanilla
1 teaspoon salt
6 eggs
400 g flour
2 tsp baking powder


Heat oven to 180 degrees C. Lightly coat the chosen bundt pan with oil and flour. Place butter in a saucepan over low heat to melt; set aside to cool. Mix the cooled melted butter, cottage cheese, lemon zest and sugar, whisking on a medium-low speed until well combined. Add vanilla and salt. Add eggs one at time and mix well after each addition. Add flour combined with baking powder gradually, mixing very slowly.
Pour batter into prepared pan and bake until golden and a toothpick inserted comes out almost clean, approximately 60-70 minutes. Allow cake to cool in pan for 10 minutes. Turn out cake onto a cooling rack with topside down. Cool completely before cutting.

“One of the strangest things is the act of creation. You are faced with a blank slate—a page…You then look inside yourself… You latch onto something. And you bring it forth out of your head like Zeus giving birth to Athena. And as it comes out, it takes shape and tangible form…You have given it cohesion. You have brought forth something ordered and beautiful out of nothing. You have glimpsed the divine.” Vera Nazarian

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