A Vacation-like Persian Feeling: Nan-e Barbari Bread

I am afraid the invitation for this “holiday” does not involve free hotel accommodation, a bargain aeroplane ticket, nor does it explains how to fly a magic carpet to travel. It simply encourages the reader to create (or re-create) an Eastern flavour that can transport the taste buds around the globe.  Nan-e Barbari is a popular  Persian flatbread.  It […]

Gone Fishing!…with a Piece of Bread: A Versatile White Loaf

It is, indeed, highly unlikely that people living with a baker would ever complain about one’s obsession with baking bread. There is a whole life-worth of additional values to this activity than the simple (though priceless) pleasure of eating the baked good. Being together when it is made, sharing recipes, quality time whilst waiting for […]