The Humble Scone and His Outfits : the Cheese, the Potato, the Ham, the Soured Cream and all…

“…when someone says they hate scones that generally means they’ve never had a good scone…” Unknown What are scones? Bread? Pastry? Cake? Dessert? Side-dish? Main? In my experience it depends on the ingredients, on the occasion and on the cultural heritage.   Scones originally were types of quick bread. I Scotland for example, originally made […]

Luscious Fruit Speckled Lunchbox Scones

“A man’s worth has its season, like fruit.” Francois de La Rochefoucauld Fruity scones are very moreish, filling and can be – surprisingly – healthy and nutritious. When good quality ingredients are used, scones will create the perfect afternoon snack, or – packed with low-fat cheese – the most suitable quick lunch. “A tree is known by […]