A Loaf, Some Rolls… and Many Flavours – Ready for Parties

Rye is more than a flavorful ingredient in baking: it is the chameleon of the grain world.  The humble grain, apart from packing a serious nutritional punch, contributing to cardiovascular health, cancer prevention, and management of diabetes, rye is an important addition to the diet. Not only is this grain healthy, but it also has […]

Making my Grandmothers Proud : Baking Bread Effortlessly

There are days, when my household just runs out of bread…for all different reason, usually just as life happens. In those times, when I did not plan, I did not researched or did not source in advance, I have to simply allow the flow to drive my baking hands, to take over my baking mind, and […]

Enchanted fantasy moments of life: a cup of Chai with Buttered Oat and Rye Bread

  “For it is a true fact that faeries, just like people, very often find that a full belly and a good friend are all that they need to be happy.”  C.S. Einfeld, Neverdark Reading for joy has always meant more to me than getting the message from letters. It has always been travelling, leaving myself and […]