Consumers with Alcoholic Nature: Wholemeal Beer Bread with Roasted Seeds

Pure, addicted state of mind, alcoholism…  this is the nice kind though: being in love with alcohol-fermented bread. Beer bread is simply made based on the idea that beer and bread have a common creation process: yeast turns sugar into alcohol, which, in the case of bread, then evaporates during the process of baking. When it comes to minimum effort and maximum result in baking, beer bread […]

Making my Grandmothers Proud : Baking Bread Effortlessly

There are days, when my household just runs out of bread…for all different reason, usually just as life happens. In those times, when I did not plan, I did not researched or did not source in advance, I have to simply allow the flow to drive my baking hands, to take over my baking mind, and […]

TexMex Corn Bread

Mexican cuisine, just as all others around the world,  is a fusion of indigenous cooking with flavours and elements(ingredients) added through history in all the centuries. However, due to their deep respect of origin, roots and traditions, for Mexicans the basic staples remain the native foods such as corn, beans and chili peppers. The Europeans, mainly Spanish introduced a […]