In Honour of Autumn Travelers: Hedgehog Bread

“The fox has many tricks. The hedgehog has but one. But that is the best of all.” Archilochus Hedgehogs…they are a visual treat of autumn, cute, sweet and remind people strolling through their gardens:  Autumn has arrived! They  hibernate throughout the winter, although they may wake up several times. Their nest is about 50 cm in […]

Forager’s Breakfast: Nettle and Parsley Loaf

 “A weed is a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson  Children are the most enthusiastic collectors, almost verging on being “horders” when it comes to gathering their own treasures, especially when they are given purpose. Foraging for food and using foraged ingredients are good ways to teach children about nature’s goodness […]