My Mommy’s Cocheenughts: Fried Cottage Cheese Doughnuts

“Everything gets better with milk.” Debasish Mridha

Cottage cheese is a low-calorie, high-protein source of essential nutrients like calcium, iron, folate and vitamin A. Available in non-fat and low-fat varieties. Featuring either one percent or two percent milk fat, cottage cheese can be a healthy addition to the diet. Cottage cheese is a curd cheese type with a mild flavor and smooth texture, which makes it a perfectly delightful ingredients even in sweet bakes.

Whilst baking with cottage cheese might be less popular in other parts of the world, in Hungary there is a wide choice of wonderful Hungarian sweets containing curd cheese such as dumplings, curd cheese pie or a Vargabéles strudel cake consisting of a mixture of curd cheese, eggs and cooked vermicelli noodles between layers of crispy filo pastry. In the doughnuts the cottage cheese operates as the most luxurious moisturizer and flavouring, therefore, the little balls of Heaven work as real afternoon treats.

500 g cottage cheese
3 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
80 g icing sugar
230 g flour
10 g bicarbonate of soda
A pinch of salt and a zest of one lemon
300 ml oil

“Cheese is milk’s leap toward immortality.” Clifton Fadiman

Mix the egg yolks, icing sugar, vanilla, salt, lemon zest and cottage cheese. Add the flour and baking powder, mix thoroughly. Finally whisk the egg whites and carefully fold into the batter. Let is stand for a while.
Fry spoonfuls of the batter in very hot oil for a couple of minutes. The balls should turn by themselves.
Serve with icing sugar and jam.

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