Fairy Tales are Real: Enchanted Bread Baking for Grandma in Little Red Riding Hood Style

“Sacred lies, and telling tales I can be who you want me to be…” Paloma Faith   For all those readers who had the deceiving conclusion that I was sane: I do now apologise, all mistaken! I am not. In fact, I am really not: I do truly believe that fairy tales are real…my excuse is: how […]

Where Magic Happens – Fool-proof Bread Buns for Baking Tots

“So, here is some flour, oil, water and salt…”    I truly enjoy baking with children. Selfishly, I love the way they are looking at adults whilst being explained about processes, like the adult is the center of the universe ,one who knows all the questions and can provide all the answers. Selfishly, I love […]

Tribute to the Beauty of the Most Gorgeous Woman, Mother Nature: Foraged Elderflower Biscuit

If I could choose to be like someone, I would want to be like Mother Nature. She is a model woman. She is a talented crafts person who creates the most incredible colours and patterns. She is the best mother, nurtures her weak and little ones with the gentlest of care. Her soft, light, breezy […]

Making my Grandmothers Proud : Baking Bread Effortlessly

There are days, when my household just runs out of bread…for all different reason, usually just as life happens. In those times, when I did not plan, I did not researched or did not source in advance, I have to simply allow the flow to drive my baking hands, to take over my baking mind, and […]

Summer Morning Lavender Shortbread Inspired by Randall’s Mist

Colours and images influence humans in numerous ways and appear to people in many complex forms, appearances. Research says that a person’s free vision is able to perceive  at least two thousand different shades whilst the complete picture and synergy of and image is created by combination of those colours. Humans gain almost  90 % of all sensual, mental, emotional impressions through a multi-coloured world. Throughout […]

A Basket-full of Bread: One Simple Recipe, Many Complex Flavours EQUALS Success for Beginners

“Bread is the king of the table and all else is merely the court that surrounds the king. The countries are the soup, the meat, the vegetables, the salad but bread is king.” Louis Bromfield When the beginner baker opens fancy bread baking books he/she is likely to see beautiful, intriguing breads featured right in the […]