“Kukoris” bread – in the loving memory of my late grandmother, “Gizi mama”

Some of my favourite baking memories are from my grandmothers’ kitchens. Pedantic, effortless and full-of-magic baking parlours…There is so much to remember: feelings, smells, images and knowledge. One of the things my paternal “Gizi mama” grandmother used to make was the so called bread, “kukoris”. She prepared them for family and friends and she loved […]

A ring better than diamond: Nutty bagels

    My love affair with bagels started when I naturally became chuffed with the first-time effort batch, and our relationship continues to thrive ever since. This ring-shaped bread’s distinguishing characteristics are the charming, smile-resembling hole in the middle… and the fact that it’s boiled during cooking. This makes the crust chewy rather than crisp: a good […]

Great British Life Tart – Fruitcake frangipane tart with gingerbread crust

I developed this recipe based on my (taste)sensational experiences I have gained since arriving to live in the United Kingdom six years ago. Gradually getting to know all cultural aspects of my well-beloved English history and literature, I think this combination of flavours and methods mixes some essential elements of British cuisine: fruitcake, tart, gingerbread […]

Humble Goulash Tart with Paprika Pastry Crust

As much as I have loved living in the United Kingdom for the past six years, I miss my native Hungary. This particular tart is a homage paid to my every-now-and-again homesick taste buds, combining basic flavours of the Hungarian cuisine: paprika, garlic, meat, onion, potato and smoked dry sausage. This is a sufficient, filling […]

Cheesy Soda Bread

“Music I heard with you was more than music, And bread I broke with you was more than bread.” Conrad Aiken There is something about the everlasting charm of the tear-and-share breads. It could be the proximity, it could be the smell, it could be the sharing, eating together, or, indeed, it could be all […]

Hungarian Cinnamon and Nut Swirl Muffin

It is certainly not the traditional muffin you would find in any bakery – neither am I the traditional baker. This tender basic Hungarian sweet dough recipe is known as “kalács” in my native language. The expression comes from the Slavic heritage word koláč or kola, originally interpreting as circle or wheel, alluding to the round […]

Bread and better

Bread must be one of the most beautiful things on Earth.  As Robert Browning the English poet said “If thou tastest a crust of bread, thou tastest all the stars and all the heavens.” Now, I think there is one thing that is even more beatiful than beautiful bread: bread with functions. Pita, the edible lunchbox Ingredients […]

I love bread…I mean I LOVE bread.

Bread is not food for me. Sadly, I am allergic to gluten.  Happily though, my allergy is only in the stomach, not in my heart. In my heart gluten and I are in true, passionate, young love. I adore stretchy dough, and I – indeed – admire  hearty, real, hand-made bread. It is not food. It […]